shiba metawar
shiba metawar
The NFT MetaVerse game for crypto
shiba wunder planet
On memes planet, there existed a peaceful world
where Shibas live peaceful together.
There are 4 types of Shiba: Fire, Land, Wind, Water...
..the four shiba clans unified harmonniously as one
the story begin when a dark Doge Devil came with his
monster to destroy the planet. They burn and destroy
all city of Shibas, all shibas must fight back and find
a way to destroy Doge Devil.
shiba planet


In ShibaWar, Your Shiba Heroes will be able to play and earn by reaching different milestones. All players will receive rewards in $SHM through game.

P2P Play with your friend

Improve your power vs other player in Battle mode. Gain experience and earn more $SHM in P2P

shiba elements
shiba marketplace


Sell and trade your NFTs, anyone can have your dream Shiba Heroes by trade and sell. Discover item for your heroesPlayers can gain their digital assets. These assets are tokenized and tradable between gamers or other marketplaces.


Q1/2021Concept Generation
Team Assemble
Q2/2021Providing the concept can work
Strategic plan
Whitepapper on completion
Q3/2021Design website
Design dApp
Introduce gameplay
Open seed round
Q4/2021Launch website
Launch on PancakeSwap
Launch Game
Q1/2022Launch game phase 2
List on CEXs
Big influencers
Q2/2022Shiba Meta War ver 3.0 start
Release ShibaWar
Metaverse phase 1
Social features and in-game chat
Q3/2022Release IOS & Android ver
Big marketing push


  • 45%Play to earn
  • 15%Public sale
  • 15%Private sale
  • 10%Seed sale
  • 10%Game development
  • 5%Development team